Ashok tries to make Shagun against Ishita

Ashok calls up Shagun where he advises Shagun that Raman was with Ishita where he begin provoking Shagun. Ashok is endeavoring to make Shagun against Ishita. While Shagun was conversing with Ashok. Raman comes up and she detaches the call. Ashok advises Nidhi about Raman and Ishita that they have put in night together. Nidhi gets stressed and she leaves Ashok’s place.

Ishita comes to realize that Nidhi is alive

Nidhi goes at Ruhi’s home wearing a burkha. At the point when Nidhi demonstrates her face to Ruhi, she gets stunned. While Nidhi was chatting with Ruhi, Ishita comes up. Nidhi tries to beat Ruhi and chastens her as she is playing diversions with Nidhi. While Nidhi was attempting to beat Ruhi, Ishita opens the entryway and she conceals herself behind feasting table. Ishita overlooks her cell phone in auto and backpedals. Nidhi checks the entryway and finds nobody there and undermines Ruhi subsequently she leaves the place. Ishita goes close to her auto to take her telephone. Nidhi finds that Ishita has stopped the auto other than her auto. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein She intends to keep her auto there just and tries to leave however by one means or another Nidhi tumbles down and flees. Ishita goes behind Nidhi as she has abandoned her jewllery. Ishita comes to realize that Nidhi is alive as her burkha turns out because of wind. Nidhi figures out how to escape where Ishita comes before Romi’s auto where she educates Romi and MIhika that Nidhi is alive.

Raman chooses to get hitched today to Shagun

Shagun is contemplating Raman and Ishita and remembers her days went through with Pihu. Nilu comes up at Shagun’s room where she illuminates that Pandit have come. Shagun educates Raman that she has called up Pandit with the goal that he can set aside out great time for marriage of Shagun and Raman. Pandit educates that today is a decent day for getting hitched. Mr. Bhalla advises Panditji to take out other day with the goal that Santoshi can come and go to the marriage. Raman educates that he will get hitched today itself.

Nidhi wants to go to Australia on dire premise

Nidhi is concerned as Ishita has seen her face. She can’t comprehend what she can do as Ishita will discover Nidhi. Nidhi calls up Nupur and advises to get the flight for her and Ruhi today itself to Australia. Nidhi advises Ashok that she needs to go to Australia today itself. Raj TV Nidhi calls up Ruhi and illuminates to meet her starting at now as they are backpedaling to Australia today as it were.

Raman chooses to leave from Ishita

Raman is watching his marriage video and gets upsets. He converses with himself as despite everything he adore Ishita. He chooses not to bring Ishita close and chooses to leave from her eternity. Adi returns home and discovers a few customs are going on. He get some information about it and he came to realize that Raman is getting hitched with Shagun. Adi comes up at Raman’s room and tries to influence him to comprehend that he isn’t doing admirably by getting hitched with Shagun.

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